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Water Fun in the Dordogne

Everywhere in the Dordogne flows water. Small hills and natural wells make the water flow at just the right speed. Hence, you can have lots of fun in the water! If the water flows in some places too hard - a kilometer further it returns back to the correct, slower speed. On this page you will find a list of the best places for swimming, fishing and boating.

Swimming in the Dordogne river

The Dordogne is a rain river and in the summer it is lovely to swim in there, the water is not ijskoud.Op many places are small free beaches and grasslands along the river where life is good. In many places it is not terribly deep and you can stand in the middle of the river. Take your picknicmand, and you have a wonderful day on the water.

Swimming is also near the beach of Le Coux (village running-in and sign "plage" track) and also in the plan d'Eau Caduin. There, too, a nice beach on the water.

Kayak & Canoe

Along the larger rivers such as the Dordogne, Vézère and the Isle, you will find a wide range of canoe and kayak rental businesses: usually just outside the village limits. The deal is very simple: you will pay, and they will bring you with your canoe and a barrel for stuff that should not get wet to a spot a few kilometers upstream. A few hours later you arrive back at the rental place, you return the canoe and you have had a nice day. How long to take is all up to you - so the road trips and picnics is not a problem: it calculates the distance, not time. A small number of companies also organizes multi-day journeys: they bring you a lot further upstream and provide you with the boat and even camping gear.

Golf courses in the Dordogne

The locals in the Dordogne are not totally unworldly. Thus one has observed that in recent years golf is increasing in popularity. And the Périgord countryside makes for beautiful golfcourses. Hence, you can take your golfclubs to the Dordogne and hit a ball!

Here is a list of the available golfcourses in the region:

  • St Genies - Swin de la Peyriere, 18 holes (variation of Golf)
  • Vitrac - Golf de Rochebois, 9 holes
  • Siorac en Périgord - Golf de l'Olivarie, 18 holes
  • Siorac en Périgord - Golf de la Forge, 9 holes
  • Marsac l'isle - Golf Saltgourde, 18 holes
  • Mouleydier - Château des Merles, 9 holes
  • Monestier - Chateau de Vigier, 18 holes
  • Souillac Country Club - 18 holes Souillac
  • Domaine de Marterie - St Felix de Reilhac - 18 holes

Specially for children

Besides the wonderful water fun, the impressive caves and castles where children can feel as knights or ladies delusions, we have a few more suggestions:

  • In the Prehistoric Parc in Tursac the Cro-Magnon man's life is exhibited.
  • In the open-air Le Village du Bournat in Le Buque you can get a good picture of a Périgord village from the past.
  • Children amusement park Jacquou Parc is located north of Le Buque.
  • At Carsac Aillac is Acrobatique Park, where you can climb the trees and float above the water.

Aquarium Perigord Noir

This aquarium has been around for 27 years and is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. On 4000m2 you can discover 66 basins with more than 3 million liters of water. In these basins you can find 6000 fish. From carp to catfish and the impressive sturgeon from the river deltas. If you have seen this, the freshwater fish will have no more secrets for you.

In 2004 a crocodile park was added to the complex. In the crocodile park there are seven different habitats with crocodiles who live there.

Hiking in Le Pays de Belvès.

On foot, on horseback or by BMX. 102 kilometers of marked and signposted trails, passing rivers, castles and walnut orchards. By chance you can encounter different species of wild orchids or wild lavender. In between there are numerous villages with their white rocks, roman churches, and many lavoirs.

The office of Tourism in Belvès offers a leaflet titled: Promenades et randonnées autour de Belvès. 18 hikes (boucles) of different lengths, ranging from 4 to 16.5 km. But you can also connect with the grande randonnée or you could follow the "sentier d'interpretation du camp de Cesar" and follow the signs to the story of Cesar. A good pair of shoes are required, and do not forget a bottle of water when it's hot. It is never busy on the walkingtrails, and in most cases there is no food or drinks for sale. But if you are in a small village there is always a café with an open terrace.